Mystic Treasure

⭐General Game Features

1. Housing 🏠🏠

👉If you don’t own a house, you literally can’t do anything. That’s true in life and the same rule applies to Mystic Treasure. Players are required to buy the houses and these will act as the supplement for in-game character’s stats such as expanding the warehouse’s slot, increasing movement speed, or protecting you from other threats.
🏡Your house can be upgraded with the required materials. After renovation, players can unlock more space with additional features such as extra storage slots, improve qualities, and house fortification.

2. Equippment👕👕

👉There are 7 slots to customize your fictional character. These are hats, shirts, trousers, shoes, weapons, vehicles, and fashion items. All the items you found in the treasure will be available in “Inventory”.
👉The color will define the rarity, and the star defines the tiers. If you own a Gray AK47, and your opponent has the same item as you but it's Green. If you get into battle, your foe wins because Rare beats Common. The same rule applies to tiers. The more stars you get, the more powerful your weapon is.

3. Update / Craft️🎧

️🏆Players can craft and upgrade equipment if they have enough materials
👉Upgrading: To upgrade, players need enough materials plus token requirements. Leveling up items enables users to gain additional stats.
👉Crafting: Players need to earn enough materials to craft items. They can get equipped or sell back to the marketplace in exchange for tokens

4. Treasure map🗺🗺

👉The difficulty of the question varies on the rarity level of the maps. The higher the rarity level, the more complicated the quiz. And there are 10 multiple-choice questions for you to resolve. For each map, you are allowed to have the wrong answer 3 times which is demonstrated in 3 hearts.

5. Mining treasure / Stealing ️🏆️🏆

👉Mining System: After successfully answering the questions, the map then leads you to the treasure location. You can see the location will detail what kinds of materials are available to obtain and their quantities. These materials are critical to building and upgrading houses, items, and blueprints in Mystic Treasure.
👉You can also see different players cultivating the resources in the same location. The progress bar with 5 chests shows the time you can claim each reward in single harvesting.
👉Stealing: The item will be dropped into a temporary bag and can be partially robbed by other players.

6. Game Modes

👉1-VS-1: Players will compete with each other. Whoever has more correct answers and faster will be the winner. The winner will receive 95% of the prize pool. 5% is charged to support the Play-to-Earn incentives program.
👉1-VS-100: Players will register to be on the waiting list within 15 minutes (13h-13h15 and 19h-19h15). When the time exceeds, players will not be able to join. Players need to spend some tokens as a ticket fee. Then, the system will automatically match players with the other 100 opponents. Whoever has more correct answers and faster will be the winner To avoid cheating, the questions will be shuffled differently for each player. However, when facing the difficult question, players can have 1 extra life (Lifebuoy) to continue playing. If used up all the help, they will be disqualified. The winner will receive 70% of the prize pool. 30% is charged to support the Play-to-Earn incentives program.
👉World Arena: Players will compete with people across the server. The winner will receive 50% of the prize pool. 50% is charged to support the Play-to-Earn incentives program.