👉In the universe of Mystic Treasure, the MYT token serves as the utility type. Once purchased MYT, users can earn more with the in-game mechanism which we will cover later.

👉MYT is a BEP-20 token that serves as the foundation for all transactions and interactions in the Mystic Treasure ecosystem.

About MYT Token – Supply, Distribution, Release

👉Mystic Treasure consists of 500,000,000 MYT. This number is finite so there will be never more than 500,000,000 tokens existed in-game.

👉More specifically with the allocation of MYT for investors and gamers to explore:

Update from the team about indexes: (1) Reward: Incentives for players captured as lucrative earning. We also include several mechanism for players to capture more values from Learn-and-Earn theme such as: Lucky draw, staking, selling NFTs and items, Battle Mode or gift exchange.

(2) Ecosystem Fund: Mystic Treasure is positioned as a marketing hub to gather communities and generate benefits for both partners and users. Therefore, this fund is specifically set out to #BUILD an ecosystem of games, Web2, Web3 projects around Mystic Treasure.

(3)Airdrop: Special gifts for those participating in previous events and activities of Mystic Treasure

(4)Reserve: This will act as emergency funds to help team survive the harsh of BEAR market. No one knows what the future holds so it's a strategy for Mystic Treasure to overcome unexpected situation

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