Mystic Treasure


👉In the universe of Mystic Treasure, the MYT token serves as the utility type. Once purchased MYT, users can earn more with the in-game mechanism which we will cover later.
👉MYT is a BEP-20 token that serves as the foundation for all transactions and interactions in the Mystic Treasure ecosystem.

About MYT Token – Supply, Distribution, Release

👉Mystic Treasure consists of 500,000,000 MYT. This number is finite so there will be never more than 500,000,000 tokens existed in-game.

MYT Distribution

- 82,500,000 MYT are available for sale in total.
- 167,500,000 MYT will be reserved for the team, reserve fund, and advisors.
- 250,000,000 MYT are allocated as in-game incentives, marketing, and development.
More specifically with the allocation of MYT for investors and gamers to explore: