Mystic Treasure

️🎉Vision and Mission

1. Vision️🎊

👉The market for NFTs is likely to grow as the habit of having unique digital assets such as music, films, and photos grows. According to new industry data from Global Market Estimates, the global non-fungible tokens market is expected to increase at a rate of 185 percent between 2021 and 2026, with gamers accounting for a significant portion of this development.
👉With Mystic Treasure, we hope that the increasingly powerful blockchain application will reach even further, finding its way to every corner of the world, to support everyone, not just gamers knowledgeably and financially.
👉It is not only a GameFi project but our goal is becoming a strong marketing hub to gather communities, generating lucrative values for users as well as partners.

2. Mission️🎊

👉Play-to-earn is gradually picking up the steam in this crypto-verse. A growing variety of skill-required NFT games are being developed. Passionate teams are working behind the scenes to enable non-professional gamers to make a fortune while playing these games. The award will be offered to all gamers willing to put in their time and effort.
👉However, those game producers lack creativity whose games are made from existing products that have been added “blockchain features”. Gamers are bored with the rhythm of heroes, breeding pets, and battling for tokens. And we believe it is time for Mystic Treasure to show up on stage and bring a new "Learn and Earn" experience for our dedicated users and blockchain-verse.