👑Game Story

👉Since ancient times, the Mystic world was divided into 5 different regions along with countless legends about valuable ancient treasures that have been forgotten. The owners of these treasures were said to have died in war or sometimes, they belonged to pirates or the treasures of kings.

👉“The treasure map or the hidden island of gold are just fairy tales to fool children” will gradually fade into oblivion, but suddenly, the famous couple Garnet and Flecht have successfully discovered it. Countless jewels and ivory and mysterious costumes with extraordinary power are waiting to be found in Palembang - a land with dense forests that has spread across the five continents and four Mystic seas.

👉Guanabara: Buried under the snow, Guanabara is said to be the land ruled by the Ice Queen. Contrary to the cold outside, this land has been chosen by many tribes as a place to hide many treasures. Many maps in this land have been recovered and are being sold everywhere on the black market.

👉Karrakoram: This is probably the most barren land where most of the area is covered by sand desert. However, this region is known as the world's largest "black gold mine". Because of that, despite the harsh living condition, Karrakoram is one of the most affluent lands in the Mystic World.

👉Caminito: An island in Mystic Treasure, Caminito was once a haven for many pirates lost in battle, escaped slaves, or starving around the world gathered here. It was also in this land that many pirate treasure maps were spread throughout the lands of the Mystic World.

👉Puensum: As the land of the Indian tribes, this place possesses a lot of rubies and diamonds. However, hunting for treasures in this land is not easy because they are all protected by indigenous Indian tribes.

👉Palembang: A land located in tropical weather. It is not difficult to understand the area of Palembang consists of vast forests, rivers, and lakes. This area is also inhabited by many tribes, so wars occur very often. Because of contention, the victorious tribes often collect pearls, ivory, and treasures and carefully hide them away. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that in this land, there are more treasure maps than in the other 5 lands of the Mystic World.

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