️🏆How to play

👉Players will immerse into a fictional character and begin to explore the world of Mystic Treasure through owning houses, buying decorative furniture, and upgrading weapons and vehicles to discover mysterious treasures.

👉Players are encouraged to find the treasures by answering questions on a map (Learn). Then, they are directed to the location to get rewards (tokens, blueprints, materials, items) (Earn). They can craft, and upgrade items to overpower others in different PvP modes of Mystic Treasure.

👉There are personal items such as pants, shirts, hats, shoes, weapons, vehicles, and fashion items. They will come in different rarities and levels for players to enhance their power. During treasure finding, players can also steal from others. If winning, they will be able to rob other players' resources.

👉Every day, you are given 1 free map with a random rarity. Your objective is to decode the map by answering the multiple-choice questions. If you get it right, the map will lead you to the treasure location. If you are wrong, you have to spend $MYT token to buy back the map and redo the questions.

👉There are 2 tokens in-game which are the Mystic Treasure Coin (MYC) and Mystic Treasure Token (MYT). MYC is the token used in-game for different activities such as crafting, upgrading items, spinning wheels, etc. MYT is the governance token for Mystic Treasure. It can be used to purchase more treasure maps and trade on the marketplace.

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