️🎊About Mystic Treasure

Mystic Treasure is a 100% decentralized Learn-and-Earn game combined with simulation and RPG Adventure

️👉Mystic Treasure is a 100% decentralized Play-to-Earn, Learn-and-Earn RPG adventure game enhanced with simulation. In this world, players are entitled to the ultimate power to fully customize their “virtual life” through these experiences:

- Solving puzzles and hunting treasure

- Building houses and crafting valuable items to survive in-game

- Personalizing your character and competing with each other.

👉The entire game takes place entirely on-chain, from item crafting, and receiving items to complicated PvP. This means that the game can continue to run well even if the company is unavailable. Everything in the game can be considered to be totally owned by the users, with the exception of occasionally uploading patch updates on-chain so that changes can be broadcast to the users.

👉And with these special features, we firmly believe that Mystic Treasure will be the number one choice for those seeking a not only entertaining but profit-making game.

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