Mystic Treasure

👱Our Team

👉To win, the Mystic Treasure team is essential. Not just in finding treasure, but also in evolution, our complete set's synergy is crucial. Only by combining the individual components and accumulating triumphs, we will become unstoppable.
👉The team is made up of six core individuals and about 16 full-time professionals. Together, we will explore all the talents that contribute to the success of Mystic Treasure:

1. Mr. Winter Lee - CEO, Co-founder Spider Moon

👉Founded in 2022, Spider Moon Corp is a studio that applies blockchain technology to create play-to-earn games. The first and most prominent product of Spider Moon is Mystic Treasure. For a long time, Mr. Winter Lee has aspired to build a sustainable NFT game that benefits both users and investors. Having 14 years of experience in game online publishing, Lee understands the nature of games and the connection between players to mold a fascinating product combined with simulation and RPG adventure.
Winter Lee
Winter Lee also spent 12 years working in business development, KOL management, and press network where he became a strategic partner of VNG Corporation, NEXON, and Funtap. Besides, he also took the role of product manager at and partnership manager at OTA Network.

2. Mr. GAT – Co-founder Spider Moon

In addition to Winter Lee, GAT also got on board with Mystic Treasure. He has 5 years of experience in online game publishing and the technology sector, including a startup called Efcoin. GAT also possesses significant expertise in community management. He will provide the operational excellence that enables the continued growth and success of Spider Moon and Mystic Treasure.

3. Mr. Kaido - CFO, Co-founder Spider Moon

Mr. Kaido is renowned for his reputation in this crypto-verse. He joined Spider Moon from various famous crypto communities, where he was a great influencer as well as lead KOL. Among everyone on the team, Kaido has a 4-year extensive background in managing crypto projects and supporting them with sufficient experience to form great strategies to adapt to new challenges. He also has expansive knowledge in building crypto communities with up to 20.000 members.
Mr. Kaido

4. Mr. Stephen Nguyen – Art Director, Co-founder Spider Moon

Stephen got fascinated with blockchain games from the beginning when they started to grow in Vietnam. Then, he made up his mind and decided to participate in Spider Moon to bring his most delicate art to the world of play-to-earn. With 15 years of mastering mobile and online game arts, he led and successfully launched different projects such as Happy Farm 2, Gold Miner, and Dynamite.
Stephen Nguyen
In addition, Nguyen has taken many roles in digital arts and games such as artist at Thien Vuong Comics, artist of Tofu Game Studio from 2012 to 2018, and Tuoi Tre Cuoi Newspaper
And these are the personnel at Spider Moon who commit full-time work on Mystic Treasure: